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Zach Blackwood. Photo by Neema Kashi.
William Daley, 2010 Pew Fellow. Photo by Colin Lenton.
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Mark Thomas Gibson, 2021 Pew Fellow. Photo by Ryan Collerd.
Pew Fellow Christopher Bursk. Photo courtesy of University of Pittsburgh Press.
Pew Fellow James Primosch. Photo by Deborah Boardman.
Linda Earle, 2021 Visiting Scholar. Photo by Joseph V. Labolito/Temple University.
The Parker Quartet during a sound check for their Philadelphia Chamber Music Society performance. Photo by Langdon Photography. Courtesy of the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society.
Pang Xiong Sirirathasuk Sikoun, Pew Fellow. Photo courtesy of the Philadelphia Folklore Project Archives.
Wilmer Wilson IV, performance detail from Channel, 2017. Photo by Allison McDaniel, courtesy of the artist.
Modupúe | Ibaye: The Philadelphia Yoruba Performance Project media archive exhibition, presented by Intercultural Journeys, 2019. Photo by Johanna Austin.
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