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13 Mar 2013

Pew Fellow Residencies Featured in Trust Magazine

7 Oct 2013

Jason Rhoades, Four Roads in the New York Times, Art in America, and More

16 Oct 2013

New FringeArts Building Opens with Elephant Room

18 Oct 2013

Montgomery County Community College's Then and Now: Jazz Cubano Series Begins

25 Nov 2013

The Way of Chopsticks on Artdaily, Huffington Post, and More

30 Sep 2013

Asian Arts Initiative's Pearl Street Project in the Philadelphia Inquirer

25 Sep 2013

Conservation Center's Top 10 Endangered Artifacts Project in the Philadelphia Inquirer

18 Feb 2013

Who's at the Center? Paul Schimmel and Helen Molesworth

16 Jul 2013

Who's at the Center? Lucinda Childs

8 Sep 2012

Red-Eye to Havre de Grace in the New York Times

25 Jul 2013

Who's at the Center? Kim Whitener

17 Aug 2012

"Letting Go?" in Museum Magazine, Curator: The Museum Journal, and More

8 Feb 2013

Voloshky Ukrainian Dance Ensemble Presents Steppes: A Crossover

3 Jul 2013

Who's at the Center? Jennifer Monson

18 Jun 2013

Who's at the Center? Graham Parker

9 Sep 2013

Who's at the Center? Barbara London, Camille Norment, Ed Osborn, Richard Garet, and Seth Cluett

12 Jun 2013

WRTI on Pennsylvania Ballet's Forsythe & Kylián

21 Mar 2012

Brenda Dixon Gottschild's Publication on Joan Myers Brown Released

28 Jan 2013

Who's at the Center? Susan Rethorst

4 Feb 2013

Silent Night in the New York Times and the Philadelphia Inquirer

23 Sep 2013

The New Spaces / New Formats Research Group Live Performances

26 Jun 2013

The Crossing's The Gulf (between you and me) in the Philadelphia Inquirer

21 Sep 2011

Quay Brothers' Film in the New York Times and on NPR's All Things Considered

1 May 2012

Zoe Strauss: Ten Years in the New York Times, Art in America, and ArtForum

24 Jan 2013

Dancing around the Bride in the New York Times

22 Nov 2010

World Premiere Screening of Seductive Subversion: Women Pop Artists, 1958–1968

18 Nov 2013

Mural Arts Program's Katharina Grosse Project on WHYY's NewsWorks

11 Apr 2013

Leah Stein Dance Company Performs Battle Hymns in San Francisco

18 Dec 2013

Sarah Sze Residency at The Fabric Workshop and Museum in Newsworks

10 Jun 2013

Pennsylvania Ballet's Premiere of Forsythe's Artifact Suite on ABC

9 Jan 2012

Nichole Canuso's TAKES in the New York Times

20 Jan 2011

New Paradise Laboratories' Freedom Club in New York Magazine and The Village Voice

26 Jan 2011

Flesh and Blood & Fish and Fowl in Time Out London. The Independent, and the Londonist

11 Sep 2011

The Select (The Sun Also Rises) in the New York Times and Artforum

15 Sep 2011

Pig Iron Theatre Company's Twelfth Night in Time Out New York

20 Jan 2012

Elephant Room in the Washington Post

18 Nov 2011

Association for Public Art's Museum Without Walls in USA Today

27 Apr 2012

Mark Morris Collaboration with Voloshky

18 Aug 2011

Opera Philadelphia Recognized for New Direction

18 Jul 2011

Pig Iron Theatre Company's School in the Philadelphia Inquirer

29 Oct 2013

Zoe Strauss: Ten Years in The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, and More

3 Apr 2012

Stefan Sagmeister's The Happy Show in the New York Times

20 Feb 2012

Marginal Utility in Artforum

21 Jul 2011

The Miss Rockaway Armada in The Huffington Post and the Philadelphia Inquirer

8 Aug 2011

Mural Arts' Love Letter in the Guardian

31 Mar 2011

Sheila Hicks: 50 Years in the New York Times and Artforum

16 Feb 2011

Michaelangelo Pistoletto: From One to Many in Artforum

20 Feb 2013

Dancing around the Bride in the Guardian, Telegraph, and More

27 Aug 2012

Audience Behavior Workshops with Andrew McIntyre

16 Nov 2016

Bill Adair, Director of Exhibitions & Public Interpretation, Featured in Exhibition Journal

6 Jan 2012

Zoe Strauss: Billboard Project

24 Sep 2013

The Guardian on Tacita Dean's JG

10 Apr 2012

thINKingDance on Re-Imagining Flamenco

26 Sep 2011

Rick Lowe Talks Project Row Houses with Pew Fellows

15 Feb 2012

Paula Vogel's Boot Camp in the New York Times

10 Oct 2013

Johnson House Preservation Grant in the Philadelphia Tribune

3 Feb 2012

Doing Time / Depth of Surface

29 Jan 2013

The Pew Internet Project Reports on Digital Technologies and the Arts in America

22 Feb 2011

Mural Arts Program's "Love Train" on CNN and MSNBC

6 Nov 2013

Kevin Varrone's Baseball Poetry App in the Philadelphia Inquirer

22 Jan 2014

The Mann Center for the Performing Arts Announces the Philadelphia Freedom Festival

3 Dec 2013

Pew Center for Arts & Heritage Grantees Make Artforum's Best of 2013 Picks

2 Jan 2014

Pew Fellow Ken Kalfus' Equilateral is The Daily Beast's 2013 Novel of the Year

21 Jun 2011

Pew Fellows Join USA Projects

25 Oct 2013

Fellows Friday: Alex Da Corte in Interview, PEG in Metropolis, CAConrad in Poetry, and More

27 Sep 2013

Fellows Friday: Jenny Sabin in France and Marshall Allen at Lincoln Center

20 Sep 2013

Fellows Friday: Zoe Strauss at the Carnegie International, Social Seating Structures by Brian Phillips, and More

5 Mar 2014

Demetrius Oliver: Canicular in the Philadelphia Inquirer, WHYY's Newsworks, and More

15 Jan 2014

Yinka Shonibare: Magic Ladders in The Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, and More

17 Feb 2014

Pig Iron Theatre Company's Twelfth Night in the New York Times

21 Feb 2014

Michener Art Museum's Paul Evans: Crossing Boundaries and Crafting Modernism in the New York Times

28 Feb 2014

Fellows Friday News: Frank Sherlock named Philadelphia's Poet Laureate Plus William Daley, Teresa Leo, and More

3 Mar 2014

Pasión y Arte's 2014 Flamenco Festival in the Philadelphia Inquirer and More

14 Mar 2014

Pew Fellow Afaa Michael Weaver Receives the Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award

17 Mar 2014

More Media Attention for Israel and Pastora Galván and Pasión y Arte's Nuevo Flamenco: The Galván Legacy

18 Mar 2014

Temple Contemporary's Funeral for a Home in the News

21 Mar 2014

Philly.com Previews Philadelphia Mural Arts Program's and Katharina Grosse's Upcoming psychylustro

2 Apr 2014

In the News: The Arden Theatre Company's New Production of Anton Chekhov's Three Sisters

7 Apr 2014

Center Executive Director Paula Marincola Featured in Philadelphia Magazine's "Power Issue"

25 Mar 2014

Paula Vogel's Don Juan Comes Home from Iraq in the Inquirer, The Huffington Post, and More

26 Mar 2014

Sarah Sze at the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Artforum

28 Mar 2014

Fellows Friday News: Afaa Michael Weaver awarded the Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award Plus Joshua Mosley, King Britt, and More

27 Mar 2014

In the News: Alien She, Now at Vox Populi

14 Apr 2014

Michener Art Museum's Paul Evans: Crossing Boundaries and Crafting Modernism in the Philadelphia Inquirer

15 Apr 2014

Malavika Sarukkai's Philadelphia Debut in the Philadelphia Inquirer

21 Apr 2014

In the News: Ars Nova Workshop's Citywide New Paths Festival

22 Apr 2014

Mendelssohn Club's World Premiere of Julia Wolfe's Anthracite Fields in The Huffington Post, Philly Inquirer, and More

24 Apr 2014

Fellows Friday News: Jamaaladeen Tacuma Named a Civitella Ranieri Foundation Fellow, the 2013 Pew Fellow Poets Go West, and More

28 Apr 2014

Pew Fellow Jenny Sabin Awarded the 2014 Architectural League Prize

30 Apr 2014

In the News: Philadelphia Mural Arts Program and Katharina Grosse Begin psychylustro Installation

5 May 2014

Nichole Canuso's Midway Avenue in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Magazine, and More

7 May 2014

Thaddeus Phillips' Red-Eye to Havre de Grace Makes Its New York Debut to Critical Acclaim

12 May 2014

In the News: William Way LGBT Community Center's Upcoming OutBeat Music Festival

15 May 2014

Philadelphia Mural Arts Program Makes a Splash with Katharina Grosse's psychylustro

29 May 2014

Fellows Friday News: King Britt at the Village of Arts & Humanities, Marshall Allen celebrates Sun Ra's 100th Birthday, and More

3 Jun 2014

Major Media Attention for Temple Contemporary's Funeral for a Home

17 Jun 2014

The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage Announces 2014 Grants for Philadelphia Artists and Organizations

23 Jun 2014

Celebrating the 2014 Pew Center for Arts & Heritage Grantees

24 Jun 2014

Stephen Berg, Poet and Pew Fellow, Dies at 79

26 Jun 2014

Vera Nakonechny, 2008 Pew Fellow, Named NEA National Heritage Fellow

27 Jun 2014

Fellows Friday News: Vera Nakonechny named a National Heritage Fellow, Alex Da Corte at White Cube, and More

21 Jul 2014

In the News: The Mann Center's Philadelphia Freedom Festival Finale Concert

24 Jul 2014

Fellows Friday News: Uri Caine's Rave Reviews, Nadia Hironaka and Matthew Suib's New Work on View, Sonia Sanchez, and More

11 Aug 2014

Announcing the 2014 Pew Fellow Artist Residencies

18 Aug 2014

John Blake, Jr., Violinist and Pew Fellow, Dies at 67

19 Aug 2014

In the News: Geoff Sobelle's The Object Lesson at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

29 Aug 2014

Fellows Friday News: Jennifer Higdon, Alex Da Corte, Geoff Sobelle's The Object Lesson, New Music Albums, and More

15 Sep 2014

In the News: New Paradise Laboratories' The Adults

23 Sep 2014

In the News: The OutBeat Festival

25 Sep 2014

Fellows Friday News: Alex Da Corte's Easternsports, Matt Saunders and Bhob Rainey with The Adults, and More

2 Oct 2014

Pew Fellowships Increase to $75,000

7 Oct 2014

In Memoriam: Gregory Rowe, 1951–2014

31 Oct 2014

Fellows Friday News: Pew Fellows Make Headlines, From Pink Elephants to Social Practice

5 Dec 2014

New Center-Funded Publications from Temple Contemporary and the ICA

5 Dec 2014

Fellows Friday News: The Object Lesson Impresses and The Barefoot Artist Premieres

8 Dec 2014

The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage Featured in Trust Magazine

17 Dec 2014

The 2014 Creative Time Summit: Reflections on Public Art & Social Practice

19 Dec 2014

Center-Funded Projects on the Horizon

22 Jan 2015

What Makes a Great Exhibition? Now Available as an eBook

30 Jan 2015

Fellows Friday News: Engaging Climate Change, American Culture, and the Media

9 Feb 2015

March Events: Contemporary Folk Arts to Postmodern Photography

2 Mar 2015

The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage Awards Advancement Grant to the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society

4 Mar 2015

Celebrating the Launch of A Steady Pulse: Restaging Lucinda Childs, 1963–78

23 Mar 2015

In the News: Framing Fraktur at the Free Library of Philadelphia

6 Mar 2015

Fellows Friday News: Projects in Animation, Opera, Poetry, and More

11 Mar 2015

In the News: Barbara Kasten: Stages at the ICA

27 Mar 2015

Fellows Friday News: Finding Inspiration in Unexpected Places

15 Apr 2015

May Events Preview: Envisioning a Philadelphia Monument, Remembering a School, and More

21 Apr 2015

Center-Funded Anthracite Fields Wins Pulitzer Prize

27 Apr 2015

On Stage in May: Exploring Identity through Performance

29 Apr 2015

The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage Awards Advancement Grant to Philadelphia Museum of Art

8 May 2015

Fellows Friday News: Guggenheim Fellowships and Innovative Premieres

29 May 2015

Fellows Friday News: From Choreography Remixes to Reflections on Home

3 Jun 2015

Monument Lab Installation Continues Through the Weekend at City Hall

15 Jun 2015

The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage Announces 2015 Grants for Philadelphia Artists and Organizations

15 Jun 2015

Introducing the 2015 Grantees of The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage

8 Jun 2015

reFORM Launches with Community Gathering at Former Fairhill Elementary School

12 Jun 2015

June Premieres: Performance Inspired by Immigration, Film, and Collaboration

26 Jun 2015

Fellows Friday News: New York Exhibitions, Doris Duke Awards, and Artistic Evolution

30 Jun 2015

Celebrating Ten Years of Grantmaking for a Vibrant Cultural Community

6 Jul 2015

The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage Awards Advancement Grant to Curtis Institute of Music

8 Jul 2015

In the News: Center-Funded Performances from Silvana Cardell and Anna Drozdowski

15 Jul 2015

New Center-Funded Publications from the ICA and the Free Library of Philadelphia

23 Dec 2014

A Year of Inspiration

14 Sep 2015

Five Pew Fellows Awarded 2015 Artist Residencies

31 Jul 2015

Fellows Friday News: An Opera Premiere from Jennifer Higdon, A Book Award for Afaa Michael Weaver, and more

5 Aug 2015

New Center-Funded Publications from Mural Arts and The Print Center

11 Aug 2015

Fall Premieres and Openings: Inspired by Bergman Films, Telenovelas, School Closings, and More

24 Aug 2015

In Search of "Contemporary Reverberations:" Director Ivo van Hove Comes to the Fringe Festival

28 Aug 2015

Fellows Friday News: Ten Years of Martha Graham Cracker, New Publications, Multimedia Exhibitions, and More

15 Sep 2015

In the News: Center-Funded Fringe Festival Productions Praised in The New York Times

18 Sep 2015

In the News: Center-Funded Projects Are New York Times and Philadelphia Inquirer Fall Arts Picks

25 Sep 2015

Fellows Friday News: Top Picks in The New York Times, New Poem Honoring Papal Visit, Museum Acquisitions, and More

2 Oct 2015

In the News: Temple Contemporary's Center-funded reFORM

12 Oct 2015

"Dance As We Never Had Before:" Writer and Dancer Lisa Kraus on Trisha Brown

28 Sep 2016

In the News: Opera Philadelphia's Breaking the Waves Praised in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and More

21 Oct 2015

"This is Not Chopin:" Allen Kuharski on Chopin Without Piano

30 Oct 2015

Fellows Friday News: Bruce Graham's Newest Play, Guitarist Chris Forsyth on NPR, Remembering Painter Frank Bramblett

18 Nov 2015

In the News: Performance Projects from Bryn Mawr College, Swarthmore College, Iquail Shaheed, and Theatre Exile

27 Nov 2015

Fellows Friday News: Quinn Bauriedel Receives Eisenhower Fellowship, Kinan Abou-afach Debuts Composition, and Fatu Gayflor Makes the News

7 Dec 2015

Center-Funded Projects on the Horizon in 2016

18 Dec 2015

2015: A Year in Pew Fellows News

17 Dec 2015

A Year of Inspiration: 2015 Edition

5 Jan 2016

Buzzworthy: 2015 Year in Review

8 Jan 2015

Buzzworthy: 2014 Year in Review

15 Jan 2016

Center Grantees and Colleagues Exchange Ideas at 2015 Creative Time Summit

20 Jan 2016

In the News: Center-Funded Projects from the Galleries at Moore, Cliveden, and Temple Contemporary

28 Jan 2016

The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage Awards Advancement Grant to The Franklin Institute

25 Jan 2016

Pew Fellow Brian Teare Awarded MacDowell Colony Residency

29 Jan 2016

Fellows Friday News: CAConrad's Believer Poetry Award, Jennifer Higdon's Cold Mountain East Coast Premiere, and Geoff Sobelle's Australian Debut

1 Feb 2016

On Tour: Where to Find Center-Funded Projects Around the World in 2016

12 Feb 2016

Playgrounds for Useful Knowledge: Action-Research Report Offers Insights on Community-Driven Project

10 Feb 2016

Pew Fellow Yolanda Wisher's "Love Letter to Philadelphia" As New Poet Laureate

23 Feb 2016

"Making Copies is Very Near to Speaking:" An Excerpt from Pati Hill: Photocopier

26 Feb 2016

Fellows Friday News: Rebecca Rutstein's "Artist-at-Sea" Residency, New Work from Mary Lattimore and Chris Forsyth, and Ryan Trecartin's Spanish Debut

30 Mar 2016

On Stage in April: Vijay Iyer at the Kimmel Center, Janine Antoni and Stephen Petronio at the Fabric Workshop and Museum, and More

25 Mar 2016

Fellows Friday News: Michael Djupstrom's Cherry Blossom Festival Commission, Beth Kephart and Caroline Lathan-Stiefel's Work at the Airport, and More

1 Apr 2016

Fellows Friday: National Poetry Month Edition

6 Apr 2016

What Are You Doing at 3:15 p.m.? Meg Foley Dances for action is primary

6 Apr 2016

John Simon Guggenheim Foundation Honors Pew Fellows Eileen Neff and Raphael Xavier with 2016 Fellowships

14 Apr 2016

Now Available: Zydeco Crossroads Documentary, a Musical Journey from Philadelphia to Lafayette, Louisiana

22 Apr 2016

South Indian Music and Dance Styles Come Together in the World Premiere of Saayujya (The Merging), April 30

4 May 2016

Advancement Grants Announced for Please Touch Museum and People's Light

29 Apr 2016

Fellows Friday News: Raphael Xavier and Eileen Neff Receive Guggenheim Fellowships, New Dance Works by Tania Isaac and Meg Foley, and More

9 May 2016

Pew Fellow Thaddeus Phillips Receives 2016 Doris Duke Performing Artist Award

23 May 2016

On Stage This Summer: Pennsylvania Ballet Performs Trisha Brown Work, Prism Quartet Collaborates with Partch Ensemble, and More

13 May 2016

In the News: Performances and Exhibitions from Eastern State Penitentiary, RAIR, Ryan Trecartin, and More

27 May 2016

Fellows Friday News: Jennifer Higdon Wins International Opera Award, Geoff Sobelle at New York Theatre Workshop, and More

3 Jun 2016

In Search of New Sound Worlds: PRISM Quartet presents Color Theory Concerts, June 4 and 11

13 Jun 2016

The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage Announces 2016 Grants for Philadelphia Artists, Organizations

10 Jun 2016

The Pursuit: 50 Years in the Fight for LGBT Rights Premieres on WHYY

24 Jun 2016

Fellows Friday News: 12 New Fellows Announced; Justin Cronin's Novel Tops Times Best Sellers List; J.C. Todd Wins International Poetry Award

6 Jul 2016

New Publications from Asian Arts Initiative and Painted Bride Art Center Document Community Engagement Projects

21 Jul 2016

Now Open: PHS Pop Up Garden Explores the Philadelphia Rail Park

29 Jul 2016

Fellows Friday News: Pepón Osorio Nominated to National Council on the Arts, Jenny Sabin Installation at Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial, and More

11 Aug 2016

Center Grantees Make National News: The Mann Center, Philadelphia Museum of Art, PRISM Quartet, and More

3 Aug 2016

Scribe Video Center's Great Migration Films to be Screened at BlackStar Film Festival, August 6

26 Aug 2016

Fellows Friday News: Lauren Mabry at The Clay Studio, Bo Bartlett in The Wall Street Journal, Jennifer Kidwell at the Fringe Festival

31 Aug 2016

Fall Arts Preview: Opera Philadelphia World Premiere, Ann Hamilton at The Fabric Workshop, Jace Clayton at the Barnes, and More

1 Apr 2013

Ain Gordon Revisits Female Reformers of Philadelphia's Past in If She Stood

1 Jun 2013

Pennsylvania Ballet Presents William Forsythe's Artifact Suite

1 Jan 2012

The Philadelphia Museum of Art Looks to a Decade of Zoe Strauss

1 Feb 2012

Bryn Mawr College Revisits John Jasperse's Groundbreaking Fort Blossom

1 Mar 2012

Pew Fellows in the Arts Move Forward at the MacDowell Colony

1 Apr 2012

Stefan Sagmeister Gets Happy at the Institute of Contemporary Art

1 Oct 2012

From the Delta to the Delaware Valley: WXPN Brings Mississippi Blues to Philadelphia

1 Nov 2012

Dancing Around the Bride: Cage, Cunningham, Johns, Rauschenberg, and Duchamp

16 Sep 2016

Reimagining a Masterpiece: FringeArts presents Brett Bailey's Macbeth, September 24-25

30 Sep 2016

Fellows Friday News: Four Pew Fellows Nominated for Barrymore Awards, Sharon Hayes Exhibits Work in Scotland, and More

4 Oct 2016

In Memoriam: Nicholas Kripal, Sculptor and Pew Fellow

3 Apr 2014

The "Creative Collision" Behind Paula Vogel's Don Juan Comes Home from Iraq

11 Oct 2016

In the News: Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Piffaro, and More

18 Oct 2016

New Center-Funded Publications from Temple Contemporary, Library Company of Philadelphia, Cliveden, and Daniel Tucker

28 Oct 2016

Fellows Friday News: Jenny Sabin Receives Women in Architecture Award, Benjamin Volta Unveils New Mural, Remembering Nicholas Kripal

25 Oct 2016

Center Executive Director Paula Marincola Featured in Philadelphia Magazine's "Biggest Ideas of 2016"

20 Feb 2014

Yinka Shonibare MBE Creates Magic Ladders at the Barnes Foundation

16 Dec 2013

2013 Year in Review

1 Oct 2011

Our Class Comes to The Wilma Theater

14 Apr 2011

Jenelle Porter on Sheila Hicks: 50 Years

1 Apr 2010

Wayne Shorter at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

25 Nov 2016

Fellows Friday News: Two Fellows Receive United States Artists Fellowships, Ryan Trecartin's W Magazine Cover, Caroline Lathan-Stiefel's Exhibition

28 Nov 2016

Launching Soon: In Terms of Performance, New Online Keywords Anthology

30 Nov 2011

Pig Iron Theatre Company Takes Performance to the Classroom

5 Dec 2016

What’s New and What’s Next: Center-Funded Projects in 2017

12 Dec 2016

Introducing Our Latest Publication: In Terms of Performance, a Keywords Anthology for Contemporary Cultural Practice

19 Dec 2016

A Year of Inspiration: 2016 Edition

21 Dec 2016

2016: A Year in Pew Fellows News

27 Jan 2017

Fellows Friday News: Heidi Saman Film Acquired for Distribution, Jennifer Higdon Grammy Nominations, and Geoff Sobelle at New York Theatre Workshop

13 Feb 2017

Reviving Bach’s Cantatas for Today’s Audiences: Choral Arts Philadelphia’s Concert Program Continues February 15

14 Feb 2017

Pew Fellowships in the Arts at 25: Highlighting Fellows’ Achievements Around the World

14 Feb 2017

Announcing the 25th Anniversary of the Pew Fellowships in the Arts

24 Feb 2017

Fellows Friday News: Afaa Michael Weaver Publishes New Poetry Collection, Alex Da Corte’s Times Square Billboards, and More

27 Feb 2017

Coming to a Stage Near You: Performances from The Wilma Theater, Kyle “JustSole” Clark, Philadelphia Chamber Music Society, and More

10 Mar 2017

Michener Art Museum Casts New Light on Charles Sheeler and his 1920s Fashion Photography

16 Mar 2017

A “Game Changer,” a “Turning Point:” New Short Film Highlights Pew Fellowships’ Impact on Region’s Artists

31 Mar 2017

Fellows Friday News: Awards for James Ijames and Jenny Sabin, David Scott Kessler Screens His New Film, Linh Dinh Publishes Book of Photos and Poetry

26 Apr 2017

Fellows Friday News: Zoe Strauss and Afaa Michael Weaver Receive Guggenheim Fellowships, Orrin Evans Joins The Bad Plus, and More

5 Apr 2017

In The News: Center-Funded Projects from The Barnes Foundation, Jazz Bridge, Fund for the Water Works, and More

24 May 2017

Fellows Friday News: Jennifer Kidwell Wins Obie Award; James Ijames Debuts New Play; Pepón Osorio Opens Site-Specific Installation

19 Jun 2017

The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage Announces 2017 Grants for Philadelphia Artists, Organizations

30 Jun 2017

12 New Fellows Announced, Jenny Sabin’s MoMAPS1 Installation, King Britt’s New Album, and James Ijames in The New York Times

11 Jul 2017

Philadelphia Museum of Art’s Anne d’Harnoncourt Symposium, “Museum as Score”

13 Jul 2017

Tiny Dynamite’s US Premiere of Perfect Blue Showcases Two Actors on Two Continents, with One Live Internet Connection, July 14–23

30 Aug 2017

Now Available: New Center-Funded Publications from Philadelphia Photo Arts Center and Michener Art Museum

21 Aug 2017

Fall Visual Arts Preview: Cai Guo-Qiang’s Lanterns on the Parkway, the Monsters and Science of Frankenstein & Dracula, New Monuments for Philadelphia, and More

21 Aug 2017

On Stage This Fall: Opera Philadelphia’s First Festival, Premieres from New Paradise Laboratories, Thaddeus Phillips, Tempesta di Mare, and More

25 Aug 2017

Fellows Friday News: Lela Aisha Jones Nominated for a Bessie Award, Pew Fellows Create Philadelphia Monuments, and Theater Premieres from Thaddeus Phillips and Geoff Sobelle

19 Sep 2017

Association for Public Art’s Cai Guo-Qiang: Fireflies in The New York Times, Forbes, and More

26 Sep 2017

Mural Arts Philadelphia’s Monument Lab in The Washington Post, Huffington Post, and More

27 Sep 2017

Opera Philadelphia’s First-Ever Festival O17 in The New York Times, NPR, The Washington Post, and More

29 Sep 2017

Fellows Friday News: A Living Legacy Award for Odean Pope; An Exhibition Honors the Late Nicholas Kripal; Tayarisha Poe Named Sundance Institute Fellow & More

2 Oct 2017

New Artist Residencies Awarded to Pew Fellows Michael Djupstrom, James Ijames, Mary Lattimore, and Rea Tajiri

29 Sep 2017

In Memoriam: Elaine Hoffman Watts, Klezmer Musician and Pew Fellow

12 Oct 2017

The Rosenbach Sheds Light on Literature’s Most Memorable Monsters with Frankenstein & Dracula: Gothic Monsters, Modern Science, opening October 13

27 Oct 2017

Fellows Friday News: David Felix Sutcliffe Wins Emmy Award, Fatu Gayflor and Tokay Tomah Star in New Documentary, Remembering Elaine Hoffman Watts

25 Oct 2017

Augmented Reality Brings 2,200 Year-Old Chinese Terracotta Warriors to Life in The Franklin Institute’s Latest Exhibition

17 Nov 2017

The Pew Center is Recognized with Two Awards from the Public Relations Society of America

27 Nov 2017

Projects On Tour: Pati Hill Exhibition, Thaddeus Phillips, Silvana Cardell Bring Work to New Venues

6 Dec 2017

In Memoriam: Tokay Tomah, Traditional African Vocalist and Pew Fellow

7 Dec 2017

Temple Contemporary’s Symphony for a Broken Orchestra Makes Headlines in The New York Times, The Guardian, and More

11 Dec 2017

Pew Fellows News: Rennie Harris Honored with National Dance Award, Wilmer Wilson IV Selected for The New Museum Triennial, Remembering Tokay Tomah

18 Dec 2017

Coming in 2018: Center-Funded Projects from Taylor Mac, Nels Cline, Tania El Khoury, Trenton Doyle Hancock, and More

20 Dec 2017

What Inspired in 2017? Our Network Responds

8 Jan 2018

Buzzworthy: 2017 Year in Review

9 Jan 2017

Buzzworthy: 2016 Year in Review

24 Jan 2018

Pew Fellows News: Pepón Osorio Named a 2018 USA Fellow, Kukuli Velarde’s First West Coast Exhibition, Afaa Michael Weaver’s Work Featured in New Book

30 Jan 2018

Grammy Awards go to Pew Fellow Jennifer Higdon and Center grantees The Crossing and PRISM Quartet

31 Jan 2018

Two Center-Funded Publications from Fabric Workshop Document Work of Ann Hamilton, Janine Antoni, Anna Halprin, Stephen Petronio

27 Feb 2018

Pew Fellows News: Tiona McClodden Awarded Tiffany Foundation Grant, Michael Djupstrom Premieres New Work, National Coalition of 100 Black Women Honors Sonia Sanchez

2 Mar 2018

Center Publication In Terms of Performance Reimagined as Installation at BAM

21 Mar 2018

On Stage This Spring: Taylor Mac’s 24-Decade History of Popular Music, Frank Zappa’s genre-defying The Yellow Shark, John Guare’s Lydie Breeze Cycle Marathon, and More

30 Mar 2018

Pew Fellows News: Swarthmore College Awards Sonia Sanchez Honorary Degree, Dave Burrell celebrated for Lifetime of Achievement, Jane Irish Transforms Lemon Hill Mansion, and More

3 Apr 2018

Pioneering Composer Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Epic KLANG Makes Philadelphia Debut, April 7–8

9 Apr 2018

Association for Public Art’s Cai Guo-Qiang: Fireflies Heads to Baltimore's Light City Festival, April 14–21

16 Apr 2018

Photos: Artists Activate In Terms of Performance Event at BAM

18 Apr 2018

In Galleries and Neighborhoods This Spring: Horticultural Society Spotlights Urban Farming, Mauricio Kagel's Zwei Mann Orchester, Penn Museum’s Reimagined Middle East Galleries, and More

20 Apr 2018

Tony Award-Winner John Guare’s Three-Part Epic on Stage, April 25–May 6

25 Apr 2018

Pew Fellows News: Jennifer Higdon Awarded Nemmers Prize in Music Composition, King Britt’s Orchestral Collaboration, Plays from Jennifer Kidwell and Bruce Graham in the News, and More

4 May 2018

Center-Funded Projects from Madhusmita Bora, Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture, Orchestra 2001, Penn Museum in The New York Times, NPR, Hyperallergic & More

22 May 2018

In Print: The Sentient Archive: Bodies, Performance, and Memory

30 May 2018

Taylor Mac’s A 24-Decade History of Popular Music Gets “Philadelphianized” at the Kimmel Center, June 2 & 9

31 May 2018

Pew Fellows News: Tiona McClodden Receives Keith Haring Fellowship, Justin Cronin’s The Passage Adapted Into TV Series, Heidi Saman Selected for International Emerging Film Talent Association Initiative, and More

4 Jun 2018

Center’s Latest Book, The Sentient Archive: Bodies, Performance, and Memory, Now in Print

11 Jun 2018

Center Executive Director Paula Marincola Receives Honorary Degree from Drexel

18 Jun 2018

The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage Announces 2018 Grants for Philadelphia Artists, Organizations

29 Jun 2018

Pew Fellows News: CAConrad Receives Lambda Literary Award, Leroy Johnson’s Work at the Barnes Foundation, Stacy Levy’s Installation Enlivens the Schuylkill River, and More

19 Jul 2018

Photos and Video: Celebrating Our 2018 Grantees

26 Jul 2018

Pew Fellows News: Honors for Musicians Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Diane Monroe, Bobby Zankel; Joy Feasley and Paul Swenbeck Collaborate on Exhibition and Book; and More

7 Aug 2018

On Stage This Fall: Immersive Works from Artist Tania El Khoury, Choreographer Boris Charmatz at the Barnes Foundation, International Contemporary Ensemble at Christ Church and More

28 Aug 2018

Pew Fellows News: Raphael Xavier’s Hip-Hop Practice in Visual Art Exhibition, James Ijames’ Kill Move Paradise at The Wilma Theater, and Leah Stein’s Site-Specific Dance at Woodmere Art Museum

5 Sep 2018

Trey Lyford’s World Premiere of The Accountant Explores Memory and Loss through Physical Theater, Magic, and Crowdsourcing, Sept. 6–9

6 Sep 2018

What To See This Fall: The Women’s Mobile Museum Takes Photography Exhibition to Philadelphia Neighborhoods, First US Commission of Yael Bartana at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, New Website Documents Cabaret History, and More

21 Sep 2018

Projects on Tour: Center-Supported Works by Ann Hamilton, David Ludwig, Silvana Cardell, and more

28 Sep 2018

Pew Fellows News: Sonia Sanchez Wins Wallace Stevens Award, Glenn Holsten’s Wyeth Documentary Makes PBS Debut, David Hartt’s Solo Exhibition at Art Institute of Chicago, and More

25 Oct 2018

Pew Fellows News: James Ijames Wins Kesselring Prize, Susan Lankin-Watts Premieres Soul Songs: Inspiring Women of Klezmer, Alex Da Corte’s Carnegie International Installation Featured in ARTNEWS, and More

5 Nov 2018

Center Executive Director Paula Marincola Featured in Philadelphia Style Magazine’s “Give Back” Issue

9 Nov 2018

Podcast from Pew Charitable Trusts Explores the Creative Process with Composer Jennifer Higdon and the Center’s Paula Marincola

18 Dec 2018

2018’s Cultural Highlights: Our Year in Review

21 Dec 2018

Pew Fellows News: Rennie Harris’ New Work for Alvin Ailey Praised, James Ijames and Major Jackson Featured in New York Times, Alex Da Corte Named to “Most Influential Artists of 2018”

7 Jan 2019

Applying for a 2019 Pew Center Grant: What’s New This Year

8 Feb 2019

On the Horizon: 2019 Center-Funded Projects Reimagine Performance Spaces, Illuminate Community Voices, Reinterpret History

13 Feb 2019

International and US Artist Residencies Awarded to Pew Fellows Ryan Eckes, Leah Stein, and Rea Tajiri

26 Feb 2019

Pew Fellows News: Camae Ayewa Receives Foundation for Contemporary Arts Grant, Melissa Ho Mounts Exhibition at Smithsonian, Tayarisha Poe Screens Film at Sundance

24 Apr 2019

Pew Fellows News: Artists in Whitney and Venice Biennials, an Academy of American Poets Award, and New Works Around the World

29 May 2019

Whitman at 200 Artistic Commissions Cast a Legendary Writer in a New Light

30 May 2019

The Crossing Premieres Choral-Theater Work Aniara: fragments of time and space June 20-23

18 Jun 2019

Pew Fellows News: Interviews with Jamaladeen Tacuma and Lorene Cary, New Works from Michelle Angela Ortiz and Brian Teare, and More

30 Jul 2019

Pew Fellows News: Kate Watson-Wallace Premieres Work at LA’s REDCAT, Tayarisha Poe’s Film to be Adapted by Amazon Studios, Benjamin Volta’s Mural Honored by Americans for the Arts

3 Sep 2019

Fall Arts in Philadelphia: Trisha Brown Dance Co in Fairmount Park, Films at Eastern State, Pig Iron Premiere & More

14 Oct 2019

The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage Announces 2019 Grants for Philadelphia Artists, Organizations

29 Oct 2019

Artist Residencies Awarded to Pew Fellows Nichole Canuso and Jennifer Kidwell

18 Nov 2019

Our 2019 Grantee Celebration in Photos

27 Nov 2019

Pew Fellows News: Major Award for Tiona Nekkia McClodden, New Commission for Karyn Olivier, and a Photography Book Release from Emmet Gowin

11 Dec 2019

Coming in 2020: Center-Funded Projects Featuring the Work of Philip Glass, Bill T. Jones, George Nakashima, Refik Anadol, and More

2 Jan 2020

Applying for a 2020 Pew Center Grant: What You Need to Know

2 Jan 2020

Making Ideas Happen: Program Directors on What Lies at the Heart of a Strong Center Grant Application

15 Jan 2020

Philadelphia Chamber Music Society Presents Concerts, Discussions, and Master Class Examining the Art Song Form

28 Jan 2020

Pew Fellows News: The Whitney Acquires Works by Jonathan Lyndon Chase and Alex da Corte, Trapeta B. Mayson Named Philly Poet Laureate, Tina Satter’s Play on NY Times “Best Of” List

13 Mar 2020

Our Response to COVID-19: Additional Unrestricted Funds Announced

31 Mar 2020

Pew Fellows News: Jennifer Higdon Wins Grammy, New Yorker Profiles Becky Suss, Rebecca Rutstein Debuts AT&T Building Mural

14 Apr 2020

25+ Ways to Engage with Philadelphia Arts and Culture from Home

15 Apr 2020

In Memoriam: Jymie Merritt, Bassist, Composer, and Pew Fellow

23 Apr 2020

Poetry Month Pew Fellows News: New Books by Major Jackson and Susan Stewart, a Podcast by Yolanda Wisher, Readings from Trapeta B. Mayson, Ron Silliman, and More

11 May 2020

New Video Series: Pew Fellows Share Poems from Home

20 May 2020

15+ More Ways to Get Philadelphia Arts and Culture at Home

6 Jul 2020

Ten Publications from Center-Funded Projects Reflect on Monuments, American History, and More

11 Dec 2019

2019 in Review: A Year of Grant Making and Cultural Vitality

5 Aug 2020

Pew Fellows News: Karyn Olivier Pens Washington Post Op-Ed, Marshall Allen Leads New Sun Ra Arkestra Album, and New Essays from Imani Perry

10 Sep 2020

Executive Director Paula Marincola Discusses the Center’s Grant-making Approach with Whitewall

22 Sep 2020

Fall Arts in Philadelphia: Milford Graves at Institute of Contemporary Art, Films at Eastern State Penitentiary, David Gordon On-screen

19 Oct 2020

The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage Announces Over $10.5 Million for Philadelphia Artists, Organizations

18 Nov 2020

International Artist Residencies Awarded to Pew Fellows Andrea Clearfield, David Scott Kessler, and Wilmer Wilson IV

16 Dec 2020

Pew Fellows in the News: Rennie Harris, Karyn Olivier, and Carolyn Lazard Earn Major Awards, Airea D. Matthews Discusses Her Fellowship with WHYY

5 Jan 2021

Video: Looking Ahead with our Newest Grantees 

19 Jan 2021

2021 Pew Center Grants to Support Recovery Projects & Artists: What’s New This Year

13 Jan 2021

In Memoriam: Pang Xiong Sirirathasuk Sikoun, Textile Artist, Musician, and Pew Fellow

4 Feb 2021

Pew Fellows News: Rasheedah Phillips on “Time,” Roberto Lugo’s Kamala Harris Teapot, Trapeta B. Mayson’s Poetry Hotline

11 Feb 2021

Center Visiting Scholar Linda Earle to Explore Black Cultural Production

17 Feb 2021

Black History Celebrated in New Documentary, Graphic Novel, and Other Grantee Works

24 Feb 2021

Kanaval Documentary Reveals Haitian Influence on New Orleans Culture

19 Mar 2021

Unity at the Initiative Connects Skate Culture and the Work of Queer Artists of Color

23 Mar 2021

Making History: Celebrating the Groundbreaking Work of Women Artists

16 Apr 2021

Pew Fellows News: Artists on View at MoMA, The Met, and PMA, Three Fellows Win Guggenheims

26 Apr 2021

A Poem that Changed My Life: Seven Pew Fellows on the Works that Inspire Them

3 May 2021

In Memoriam: James Primosch, Composer and Pew Fellow

20 May 2021

North Philadelphia Community Defines Its Own Legacy with Staying Power Monuments

10 Jun 2021

Designing Motherhood Interrogates a Century of Birth through the Lens of Design

16 Jun 2021

Pride 2021: Seven Artists on the Queer Works that Shaped Their Practices

11 Aug 2021

In Memoriam: Christopher Bursk, Poet and Pew Fellow

23 Aug 2021

12 Exhibitions, Performances, and Arts Events in Philadelphia This Fall

1 Sep 2021

The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage Announces Over $10.2 Million in Pandemic Recovery Funding for Philadelphia Organizations and Fellowships for Artists

22 Oct 2021

In Memoriam: Kariamu Welsh, Choreographer and Pew Fellow

10 Nov 2021

Welcoming Our First Pew Fellows-in-Residence

3 Dec 2021

“Philadelphia’s Cultural Treasures,” Providing Multi-Year Grants to BIPOC Arts Organizations, Is Now Accepting Applications

13 Dec 2021

Words to Envision a New Year

2 Feb 2022

In Memoriam: William Daley, Ceramist and Pew Fellow

22 Feb 2022

Black History in the Making: Five Artists and Culture Workers on the Art that Inspires Them

10 Mar 2022

Spring Forward with 11 Arts and Culture Events in Philadelphia

23 Mar 2022

Introducing the Center’s Newest Staff Members

7 Apr 2022

Pew Fellows News: Four Artists in Whitney and Venice Biennials, Major Awards for Sonia Sanchez, and Imani Perry’s Latest Book

21 Apr 2022

In Memoriam: Anuradha Mathur, Landscape Architect and Pew Fellow

1 Jun 2022

Summer Syllabus: 15 Documentaries, Books, and Other Artistic Works to Watch and Read

8 Jun 2022

William Way’s Remembrance Takes Pride in Memorializing Philadelphians Affected by HIV/AIDS Crisis

30 Jun 2022

Pew Fellows News: Mark Thomas Gibson Wins Guggenheim, James Ijames and Raven Chacon Win Pulitzers, and Roberto Lugo and Kukuli Velarde Works in the Smithsonian

19 Jul 2022

In Memoriam: Leroy Johnson, Mixed-Media Artist and Pew Fellow

11 Aug 2022

16 BIPOC Arts Organizations Receive Over $6 million in General Operating Support Grants Through Philadelphia’s Cultural Treasures

17 Aug 2022

In Memoriam: Mick Moloney, Musician, Folklorist, and Pew Fellow

24 Aug 2022

9 Must-See Arts & Culture Events in Philly This Fall

19 Sep 2022

$9.5 Million From The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage to Support 30 Philadelphia Organizations and 12 Artist Fellowships

29 Sep 2022

In Memoriam: Monnette Sudler, Composer and Musician

5 Oct 2022

Pew Fellows News: Five Artists in The New York Times, and Major Prizes for Brenda Dixon Gottschild, Sonia Sanchez, and CAConrad

20 Oct 2022

In Memoriam: Yvonne Pacanovsky Bobrowicz, Fiber Artist and Pew Fellow

5 Dec 2022

More Than $1 Million in Fellowships Awarded to 12 BIPOC Artists Through Philadelphia’s Cultural Treasures Program

14 Dec 2022

Year in Review: The Art That Resonated in 2022

5 Jan 2023

Applying for a 2023 Pew Center Project Grant: What You Need to Know

23 Jan 2023

Checking in with Our Fellows-in-Residence: Rhodessa Jones & Raven Chacon

7 Feb 2023

Karyn Olivier’s Installation at Newark Airport, New Exhibitions from Rami George and Alex Da Corte, and More Pew Fellows News

24 Feb 2023

6 Can’t-Miss Cultural Events Coming to Philadelphia