The Crossing



The Crossing Choir in Montana. Photo by Kevin Vondrak. 


Kings Oaks, Bucks County, PA. Courtesy of Art at Kings Oaks.


The Crossing Choir in Montana. Photo by Kevin Vondrak.

A choral work will confront ways in which modern farming and food production shape the environment, communities, and essential workers in live performances staged at dusk among the crops of a Bucks County farm. Director Ashley Tata and Crossing conductor Donald Nally will collaborate with composer Ted Hearne to develop a libretto that draws on source material from scientists and journalists as well as personal stories from family farms and the industrial farming industry. The work will address the contraction of family farming, the growth of industrial farming in its place, and the increasing distance between people and their food sources. The creative team will spend time on the farm at dusk to incorporate the environment’s sounds and character into the composition, which will be supported by a sextet of instrumentalists. The Crossing will produce a studio recording of the piece as well as a concert film of the outdoor performance.

The total grant amount represents project funding plus an additional 20% in unrestricted general operating support.