The Gulf (between you and me)

The Crossing


The Crossing's project, The Gulf (between you and me), commissioned Santa Fe composer Chris Jonas, experimental, Philadelphia-based composer Gene Coleman, and internally recognized British composer Gabriel Jackson to write new choral works. These compositions were based on a cycle of poems by French-American writer Pierre Joris, which address the increasing gap between humans and the natural environment. Jonas' work was paired with a video by artist and animator Dan Cole, and Philadelphia composer Coleman collaborated with Japanese sound artist Toshimaru Nakamura on a work that incorporated natural sounds heard in the Gulf of Mexico. Ancillary activities included a reading by Joris and performances by Jonas' quartet Sun Spits Cherries and Coleman's ensemble N_JP. The project culminated in performances and a recording of the three works, and was the centerpiece of The Crossing's 2013 Month of Moderns annual concert series.