Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers



Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers founding artistic director Kun-Yang Lin, at the company's Chi Movement Arts Center. Photo by Rob Li.


Pallabi Chakravorty. Photo by Steve Weinik.


Gus Solomons jr. Photo by Betti Franceschi.

Accomplished dance artists Gus Solomons jr and Pallabi Chakravorty will collaborate with choreographer Kun-Yang Lin in a discovery process to develop new movement methods for artists who are navigating lives as mature creators with physical limitations. The exploration will consider two central questions: “How do I rediscover my own body?” and “How do I transmit effectively when my body is failing me?” The artists will consider new modes of creation and documentation and the ways in which their artistic practices can be preserved and communicated to others. The collaborators will experiment with video to uncover new ways it can be used to develop, document, and share dance works. The project will culminate in a free community program at Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers’ Philadelphia studio, Chi Movement Arts Center.

The total grant amount represents project funding plus an additional 20% in unrestricted general operating support.