Lisa Kraus


Dance artist and dance writer Lisa Kraus developed and directs, an online project that covers the landscape of dance in the Southeastern Pennsylvania five-county region. A dance critic for the Philadelphia Inquirer and Dance Magazine, Kraus is also a 2010 National Endowment for the Arts Fellow in dance criticism, an experience which she says "brought home the urgency" of supporting Philadelphia's dance scene. is a collaborative website that provides an extensive umbrella of coverage for dance. In addition, the site continues to host writing from emerging dance critics, whose work is edited and critiqued in workshops to both enhance their craft and to ensure a high level of quality. Workshops have been led by "master writers" such as Suzanne Carbonneau, director of the American Dance Festival's NEA Dance Critic's Institute, and Wendy Perron, editor-in-chief of Dance Magazine, among others. The website continues to provide a forum for general audiences to participate as readers, viewers, and contributors. Articles generated on are also distributed to other publications and venues, in order to cast a wider net and cultivate a larger public interest in dance. "We don't speak seriously about each other's work nearly enough," Kraus says. "I see my facility as a writer as something that can be a tool for good in this community." The website was developed from May 2011 to September 2012, and it continues to be an active forum for online dance criticism.