Red Thread

Lisa Kraus


Red Thread grew from choreographer Lisa Kraus' desire to bring her longtime colleagues, Eva Karczag and Vicky Shick, into a dance-making process. All three danced together in the Trisha Brown Dance Company, beginning over 30 years ago. Over the course of the project, they delved into questions such as: How would such longstanding friendships and professional relationships affect dancing and dancemaking? What might each artist learn from the others' decades of dance research and experience? The crux of the inquiry centered on women's quilting circles, where art is made in community and integrated into daily life. Just as the art and craft of quilt making is shared through the generations, dance "elders" pass their knowledge and experiences to a younger generation, which is what inspired Kraus, Karczag, and Shick to invite three younger dancers to join the cast. Red Thread was presented in March 2010 as part of the "Philadelphia Dance Projects Presents" series at the Performance Garage.