So Percussion's Where (we) Live




So Percussion. Photo by David Andrako.

At its 2013 festival, FringeArts presented a new composition by New York-based ensemble So Percussion. Created in collaboration with, among others, Martin Schmidt of the musical group Matmos and three-time Obie Award-winning theater artist Ain Gordon, Where (we) Live was an experimentation in combining musical composition with theatrical improvisation. Philadelphia-based artisans, each fluent in an arcane trade such as violin making or beer brewing, performed with the ensemble and intervened in the traditional concert format, bringing an air of risk and adventure to each performance as the musicians and artisans interacted in unexpected and unrehearsed ways. The members of So Percussion also participated in a post-show discussion about their creative process and multidisciplinary, exploratory work and held master classes for local university students and provided writing prompts on the FringeArts blog, Twitter, and Facebook, so that audience members could respond to their work with short stories, poems, and photos.