1 Dec 2016


Heiner Goebbels, Stifters Dinge. Photo by Ewa Herzog.


Available Light at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, 1983. Photo by Tom Vinetz. Performers: Lucinda Childs, Nan Friedman, Meg Harper, Janet Kaufman, Priscilla Newell, Steve Bromer, Michael Ing, Erin Matthiessen, Daniel McCusker, Ande Peck, and Garry Reigenborn.


So Percussion. Photo by David Andrako.


Back to Back Theatre's Food Court with the Necks, presented at FringeArts' 2012 festival. Photo by Jeff Busby.

FringeArts commissions, develops, and presents a range of high-quality contemporary performing and visual arts in Philadelphia. Works are staged during the annual Fringe Festival, and, since 2013, in a full-year schedule of performances by local, national, and international artists. FringeArts’ Center-supported projects include Elevator Repair Service’s world premiere production of The Select: The Sun Also Rises; the US premiere of Food Court by Australia’s Back to Back Theatre; a reimagined production of choreographer Lucinda Childs’ 1983 work Available Light; and a residency and presentation of South African theater artist Brett Bailey’s adaptation of the Verdi opera Macbeth. In 2017, FringeArts received Center support to present the Philadelphia premiere of two works by German composer and director Heiner Goebbels. In 2020, FringeArts received a Center Project grant to develop and present a contemporary chamber opera that will tell the story of a 21st-century Black woman exploring her spirituality and purpose through the legacies of 19th-century Black women leaders. In 2021, FringeArts received a Re:imagining Recovery grant to redesign its performance space to improve accessibility and comfort for patrons, maximize operational efficiency, and increase earned revenue.