Publishing As Practice

Kayla Romberger



Bidoun posters. Photo courtesy of Tiffany Malakooti.


Bidoun Library installation at the Carnegie International, 2013. Image courtesy the Carnegie Museum.


Publications at Ulises’s "Read-Room @ Reading Terminal," September 18, 2016. Photo by Ricky Yanas.


Ulises. Photo by Ricky Yanas.

Curator Kayla Romberger will present Publishing As Practice, a residency program designed to explore publishing as an incubator for new forms of editorial, curatorial, and artistic practice. Three experimental art publishers will activate the storefront space of Ulises bookshop in Philadelphia’s Fishtown neighborhood. The shop will serve as a public programming hub throughout the residencies, hosting workshops and discussions and inviting the public to engage with the space and the visiting artists. The residency’s participants are: Los Angeles-based, interdisciplinary artist Martine Syms of publishing imprint Dominica; Clara Balaguer and Kristian Henson of Hardworking Goodlooking, the publishing arm of Philippines-based, social practice platform The Office of Culture and Design; and Negar Azimi and Tiffany Malakooti of Bidoun, an art and culture magazine focused on the Middle East. “These practitioners reveal that publishing is an activity in constant flux, one that continues to evolve and grow in the era of drag and drop, copy and paste,” says Romberger. The project will culminate in a publication featuring the work of all three residents.

Additional unrestricted funds are added to each grant for general operating support.