The Poison Cookie Jar

John Jarboe



John Jarboe with ensemble members of the Bearded Ladies Cabaret in Marlene and the Machine. Photo by Kevin Chick and Plate 3 Photography.


John Jarboe and members of the Bearded Ladies Cabaret. Photo by Kate Raines and Plate 3 Photography.


John Jarboe. Photo by Malgorzata Kasprzycka.

Director, performer, and curator John Jarboe will create The Poison Cookie Jar, an interactive, web-based map documenting the rich history and contemporary practice of cabaret around the world. Charting key hotbeds of cabaret in Paris, Berlin, and New York City, the digital platform will offer audiences, in Jarboe’s words, “an online performative installation that captures the magic interactivity and liveliness of cabaret.” The digital environment will include video interviews with contemporary cabaret artists, recordings of songs and performances, and historical texts that highlight the vibrancy and cultural impact of cabaret. The project will launch in the fall of 2018 with two live engagements hosted by FringeArts in Philadelphia and Joe’s Pub in New York.

Additional unrestricted funds are added to each grant for general operating support.