Philadelphia Museum of Dance

Drexel University Westphal College



Community workshop with Boris Charmatz at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Photo by JJ Tiziou.


Boris Charmatz leading community workshop, Drexel University, 2016. Photo by JJ Tiziou.


Philadelphia community and professional dancers performing Boris Charmatz’ Levée des conflits at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, 2016. Photo by JJ Tiziou.


  1. de la Danse in performance of Levée des conflits, Drexel Armory, 2016. Photo by JJ Tiziou.

Drexel University Westphal College’s Philadelphia Museum of Dance, co-curated by acclaimed French choreographer Boris Charmatz, will examine the presentation of public performance in relationship to the exhibition of visual art objects. In a large-scale performance event on the grounds of The Barnes Foundation, audience members will move through outdoor and indoor spaces, and in and around the visual art of the Barnes, during several hours of performances. Simon Dove, co-curator of New York’s Crossing the Line Festival and Dancing in the Streets, and Thom Collins, executive director and president of The Barnes Foundation, will serve as co-curators. The event will feature performers from Philadelphia and New York alongside Charmatz’ company and will include Charmatz’ Danse de Nuit—a work for six dancers taking place in a public space at night—as well as performance works by selected American artists. To delve further into the tensions of public and private life addressed in Charmatz’ work, a performance of his piece Manger, exploring the act of eating, will be presented at FringeArts.

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