Lenny Seidman



Lenny Seidman performing with Spoken Hand Percussion, Painted Bride Art Center. Photo by Paul Kopicki.


Joe Small, Winter, 2015. Photo by Kim Nakashima.


Laurel Jenkins. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Composer and tabla player Lenny Seidman will present ARC, an evening-length performance suite that brings together the drumming traditions of tabla from North India and taiko from Japan, with contemporary dance and Japanese butoh. Seidman will direct an ensemble of three tabla players, along with three taiko players under the direction of drummer Joe Small, and three dancers choreographed by postmodern dancer Laurel Jenkins and butoh dancer Michael Sakamoto. ARC seeks to investigate and reconcile the artistic disparities among these disciplines, exploring tabla’s complex rhythmic cycles, taiko’s relatively simple rhythms that are achieved through full-body movements, butoh’s sparse movements, and the wide dance vocabulary of postmodern choreography. Seidman, a co-founder of Spoken Hand Percussion Orchestra, explains, “My mission is to make tabla live in the lives of others and to passionately integrate it with multiple diverse drumming and dance traditions.”

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