The Accountant

Trey Lyford



Trey Lyford, The Accountant. Photo by Meghan St. Thomas.


Trey Lyford, The Accountant. Photo by Paula Court.


Trey Lyford, The Accountant. Photo by Paula Court.


Trey Lyford, The Accountant. Photo by Paula Court.

Theater artist and director Trey Lyford will premiere The Accountant, a work that blends physical theater, vaudeville routines, illusion, origami, kinetic set elements, and puppetry to tell the story of a life remembered and the frailty of human experience. Set in the forgotten workplace of an elderly office clerk, The Accountant invites audiences to consider the significance of seemingly minute moments of human life and “the poetic humor embedded at the epicenter of loss,” as Lyford says. Inspired by the artist’s personal experiences with death and Samuel Beckett’s iconic play Krapp’s Last Tape, the work will feature a dream-like "living" set, designed by Pew Fellow Matt Saunders in collaboration with kinetics engineer/designer Eric Novak. Musician and composer Cole Kamen-Green’s sound design will consist of live music and electronic manipulations, and Tara Webb’s whimsical costume will create surprising transformations.

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