Reinvention Plan



Headlong Dance Theater worked with a team of advisors to assess its options following the recent departure of one of its three founding directors. Because the three-way collaboration fueled all of Headlong's productions over its 20-year history, this self-reflexive process enabled the remaining co-directors to assess what appeared to be an uncertain future. Headlong assembled and met with a team of advisors that included arts consultant Diane Mataraza, David White of New York's Dance Theater Workshop, and Wayne Hazard of Dancers' Group in San Francisco. At the end of the process, Headlong and the team concluded that the remaining co-directors would continue operations working together as well as separately to produce high-quality artistic output and to allow for more individual leadership over projects and programs. 1

  • 1. Management grants, through the Philadelphia Cultural Management Initiative, were awarded from 2009 through 2013.