Reconstruction and the Fourteenth Amendment Project

National Constitution Center



"Reconstruction and the Fourteenth Amendment Project," extract from the reconstructed Constitution of the state of Louisiana, portraits of the distinguished members of the Convention & Assembly,1868. Photo courtesy of the National Constitution Center.


"Reconstruction and the Fourteenth Amendment Project," scene in the House on the passage of the proposition to amend the Constitution, January 31, 1865. Photo courtesy of the National Constitution Center.


"Reconstruction and the Fourteenth Amendment Project," the 14th Amendment, adopted July 28, 1868. Photo courtesy of the National Constitution Center.

The National Constitution Center will create an original theatrical work that sheds new light on the Reconstruction era in the United States and the passage of the Fourteenth Amendment. Designed to complement the Constitution Center’s forthcoming permanent exhibit and gallery devoted to the constitutional legacy of the Civil War, the 20–30 minute work will transport visitors to the historical moment of the post-war Reconstruction era, enhancing their understanding of key constitutional texts and drawing connections to themes of freedom, equality, and citizenship that remain relevant today. In order to mine significant historical documents and bring to life the leaders, influential figures, and everyday Americans directly affected by the Reconstruction, the Constitution Center will collaborate with nationally recognized artists and scholars, including Drama Desk Award-winning theater artist Suli Holum and Tony Award-winning sound designer and composer Rob Kaplowitz, led by the Center’s director of theater programs, Nora Quinn. Script and research advisors include three-time Obie Award-winning playwright, director, and actor Ain Gordon; internationally acclaimed theater company Elevator Repair Service; and educator, historian, and genealogist Adrienne Whaley.

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