A Queer Divine

Sara Felder



Sara Felder. Photo by Terry Lorant.

Juggler, playwright, and solo theater artist Sara Felder developed and produced the world premiere of A Queer Divine. The title of the piece derives from dancer Martha Graham's statement, "There is only a queer divine dissatisfaction, a blessed unrest that keeps us more alive..." Felder described the arc of the show as follows: "Sara ponders, juggles, and finally embodies the facts of her existence: she can't dance, she likes art, and people she loves are going to die." The piece became a whimsical theatrical reflection on art, aging, and grief. Felder believes in the power of humor and laughter to help audiences dive into difficult, controversial, and provocative issues.

A Queer Divine was performed in the lobbies of Philadelphia-area theaters and community centers. The piece was subsequently performed at the Ko Festival in Amherst, Massachusetts.