Music and the Visual Arts: 6 New Commissions

Network for New Music



Music and the Visual Arts: 6 New Commissions.

Network for New Music commissioned six new works for the Network Ensemble that paired composers with visual artists in an effort to illuminate connections between music and visual art. The pairings included composers Richard Brodhead and David Laganella with artists from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts; composers Kyle Bartlett and Gene Coleman with artists from NEXUS Foundation for Today's Art; composer Andrea Clearfield with visual artist Maureen Drdak at the University of the Arts; and composer Todd Reynolds with visual designer Laurie Olinder and filmmaker Bill Morrison as part of the 2009 "Hidden City Philadelphia" festival. A supplemental educational program invited composers and visual artists from the University of the Arts to create a new mural in collaboration with the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program.