Izu House Project

Roko Kawai



Leah Stein and Roko Kawai, October 2007. Photo by Takayuki Moriki.

Pew Fellow and dancer Roko Kawai traveled to Japan to work on her project Izu House. A team of collaborators, including Philadelphia choreographer Leah Stein, Tokyo-based dancer Hideo Arai, vocalist Mika Kimula, and Pew Fellow and musician Toshi Makihara, joined Kawai on her trip. In Japan, the collaborators lived and worked in a house in Chihan-An, Ohito on the Izu Peninsula, drawing from the history of the house and the surrounding area to develop a site-specific dance/sound piece. Kawai's research contributed to the online publication Belonging and Solo: Roko Kawai, the second in the Center's danceworkbook series.