Children's Theater Consortium

Arden Theatre Company


The Arden Theatre Company, nationally recognized for its productions of children's theater, bolstered its capability to produce new work in this area through a one-year artistic exchange and collaboration with Seattle Children's Theatre (SCT) and Children's Theatre Company (CTC) of Minneapolis. Artistic Directors Terrence Nolen of the Arden, Linda Hartzell of SCT, and Peter Brosius of CTC, along with members of their artistic staffs, conducted visits to each other's theaters to observe processes, give feedback on works in progress, meet with artists, present new play readings, and explore whether working together can yield more high-caliber theater for young audiences nationwide. Faced with a scarcity of high-quality scripts for children's theater and a limited network of artists, the Arden sought to enhance its own staff expertise in developing new works and contributing to the existing canon. At the conclusion of the process, each theater commissioned one new work.