Charlotte Ford



Charlotte Ford in Chicken. Photo by Jay Dunn.

Independent artist Charlotte Ford used Center funds to develop and produce an absurdist three-person play called Chicken, which she described as "an expressionistic clown play that magnifies our most intimate fears." As Ford put it, "I live every day with information, images, and events that generate fear: fear of home invasion, of rats, of violence, of being politically incorrect, of being hit by a car while riding my bicycle, of career choice. The anticipation may be worse than the actual event occurring, because it has no end." Chicken depicts three residents of a submarine whose oppressive boredom, struggles for status, and growing hatred of each other inspire them to invent a game in which all players are forced to enact their worst fears. Ford joined Mikaal Sulaiman and Jay Dunn in performing the piece.

Chicken represented Charlotte Ford's first time helming a show. The piece had its world premiere at the 2010 FringeArts Festival, where all performances sold out, and was later presented as part of the Bryn Mawr College Performing Arts Series.