Advancement Grant: Please Touch Museum

Please Touch Museum



Courtesy of Please Touch Museum.


Courtesy of Please Touch Museum.


Courtesy of Please Touch Museum.

Please Touch Museum will research and develop a new set of blended digital and hands-on exhibitions, education programs, and marketing and distribution strategies designed to expand the museum's range of audiences, increase the frequency of visits, and enhance its programs for children ages two to eleven and their families. During its research phase, Please Touch Museum will initially repurpose 1,000 square feet of existing exhibit space in which to pilot new, blended exhibits, eventually adding another 2,000 square feet of exhibit space for a combination of temporary, seasonal, and permanent thematic exhibits. Additionally, Please Touch will redesign its website to communicate more directly and intentionally with children and their parents, and provide another channel through which families can engage in new digital media-based activities, beyond the museum's walls. 1

  • 1. Advancement grants were awarded from 2014 through 2017.