Please Touch Museum

1 Dec 2016


Please Touch Museum, American to Zanzibar, musical instruments popular in Muslim cultures. Photo courtesy of Please Touch Museum.


Courtesy of Please Touch Museum.


Please Touch Museum, American to Zanzibar, double-decker Pakistani truck. Photo courtesy of Please Touch Museum.


Courtesy of Please Touch Museum.


Courtesy of Please Touch Museum.


Courtesy of Please Touch Museum.

Please Touch Museum enriches the lives of children by creating learning opportunities through play. Founded in 1976, Please Touch was the first museum in the nation focused on families with children ages seven and younger. Today, the museum’s interactive exhibits, programs, and events serve 525,000 visitors annually. The museum is housed in Memorial Hall, a National Historic Landmark in Fairmount Park, which was originally constructed as the art gallery for the 1876 Centennial International Exhibition, the first World’s Fair in the US. Please Touch was awarded a Center Advancement grant in 2016 to research and develop a new set of blended digital and hands-on exhibitions, education programs, and marketing strategies designed to expand the museum’s range of audiences and enhance its programs for children and their families. In 2017, the museum received a Center Project grant to present America to Zanzibar, an exhibition combining art, technology, performance, and interactive programming to introduce families to local and global Muslim communities and culture. In 2021, the museum received a Re:imagining Recovery grant to translate its “learning through play” education model into digital experiences by establishing a new digital engagement director position, purchasing media production equipment, and gathering input from technology and business consultants, educators, and families.