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Advancement Grant: Philadelphia Museum of Art

Philadelphia Museum of Art
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Dazzling Graphics Collection, 2011, Made by Vlisco. Photograph courtesy of Vlisco.

Creative Africa Exhibition Series at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Apr 30, 2016–Jan 22, 2017
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Perelman Building, 2525 Pennsylvania Avenue, Philadelphia

Art After 5 at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, 2014. Photo by Jason Wierzbicki

portrait of myself as my father

Sep 23–24, 2016
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Perelman Building Terrace, 2525 Pennsylvania Avenue, Philadelphia

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uestions of ractice
Nouvelle Histoire collection, 2011, by Vlisco. Photograph by Carmen Kemmink.
Primary school in Gando, Burkina Faso, completed 2001. Designed by Francis Kéré, Burkinabe, active Berlin. Photograph by Erik-Jan Ouwerkerk.
Nora Chipaumire, portrait of myself as my father. Photo by Gennadi Novash.
Bisi Silva. Photo by Gabriela Herman.
Photography related to this content
Surgical Clinic and Health Center, Léo, Burkina Faso, 2014, designed by Francis Kéré. Photograph courtesy of Kéré Architecture.