Advancement Grant: People's Light

People's Light



Melanye Finister, Ruffin Prentiss, Michael Genet, and Margaret Ivey in All My Sons (2015). Photo by Mark Garvin.


From left to right: Teri Lamm, Brian Huynh, Carla Belver, Julianna Zinkel, and Jesse Pennington in Auctioning the Ainsleys (2015). Photo by Mark Garvin.


Christopher Patrick Mullen and Susan McKey in Arthur and the Tale of the Red Dragon (2014). Photo by Mark Garvin.


Pete Pryor in Richard III (2016). Photo by Paola Nogueras.

People's Light will conduct an in-depth market analysis and develop the company's approach to diversifying its programs, attracting new audiences, and deepening relationships with existing audiences. With a 7-acre suburban campus, which includes soon-to-be expanded catering and restaurant facilities, People's Light seeks to position itself as a vibrant cultural and civic center for its region, with theater at its core. Research will investigate the area's unmet demand for a variety of programming—concerts, musical theater, speaker series, among others—that would appeal to multigenerational audiences and complement the company's primary season of main-stage theatrical productions and year-round education programs. People's Light will also develop new marketing and communications strategies to support its new programmatic offerings and will enhance customer service by establishing a department of patron and guest services that will foster sustained relationships with the public. 1

  • 1. Advancement grants were awarded from 2014 through 2017.