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Sarah Sanford, Katherine Powell, and Mary Tuomanen, in Three Sisters at the Arden Theatre Company. Photo by Mark Garvin.

Questions of Practice: Mary Tuomanen on "Timefulness"

Questions of Practice: Mary Tuomanen on “Timefulness”

We asked Philadelphia theater artist Mary Tuomanen to comment on the notion and nature of time in performance. She responded by talking about the concept of “timefulness,” or the experience of being aware of time, and how this aspect of watching a performance is “where we remember we’re alive.”

Philadelphia theater artist Mary Tuomanen on the concept of “timefulness” in performance. Filmed at The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage on February 4, 2015.

Mary Tuomanen is a theater artist who has worked with many local theater collectives, including Applied Mechanics, The Riot Group, New Paradise Laboratories, and The Bearded Ladies. She recently collaborated on the Center-funded The Body Lautrec with puppet and theater artist Aaron Cromie, which premiered in the 2014 Fringe Festival. A graduate of the L’Ecole Lecoq, she is interested in using the movement of bodies in space to tell a story.