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The Laundromat Project's annual Field Day celebrates neighborhood culture. Photo by Emilee Ramsier.

Questions of Practice: Kemi Ilesanmi of The Laundromat Project on the Impact of Organizational Values on Community Practice

We asked Kemi Ilesanmi of New York’s Laundromat Project how her organization’s values impact the work her staff does to serve various communities. She points out that “love” as a value is at the heart of community practice because it allows organizations and community members to “really see each other… and to connect as human beings.”

Kemi Ilesanmi of The Laundromat Project on the impact of organizational values on community practice. Filmed at The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage on May 11, 2015.

Kemi Ilesanmi is the Executive Director of New York’s The Laundromat Project, which brings art, artists, and arts programming into community spaces to amplify the creativity that already exists within communities. She has worked previously with Creative Capital Foundation, where she supported adventurous American artists, and the Walker Art Center, where she organized exhibitions and ran the visual arts residency program. In 2015, Ilesanmi served as a Center panelist in Exhibitions & Public Interpretation.