Ted Passon

30 Nov 2016


Ted Passon, 2014 Pew Fellow. Photo by Ryan Collerd.


Ted Passon, Shake Through. Photo by Peter English.


Ted Passon's Manning. Photo by Ted Passon.


Photo by Mike Fleming.

"While my work doesn't always follow a traditional narrative structure, I want my audience to leave with a story."

Ted Passon (b. 1981) is a filmmaker whose work explores human relationships and how they shape our world. "[My] goal is to make evident the ways we internalize our oppressive environments and normalize entrenched faulty beliefs," he says. "I mean to reveal how complicated political turbulence foments, explodes, and unravels into complex dissension." His experimental documentary, Joined by Divisions, investigates deeply entrenched schisms between African-American and Caucasian working-class communities. Passon has exhibited his short works at the Oberhausen Film Festival; the New York Underground Film Festival; the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia; and San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. He is a founding member of the Small Change Experimental Film Screening, a curated monthly series of independent and experimental cinema, and a member of Philadelphia artist collective Space 1026.