Jorge Cousineau

30 Nov 2016

"I'm a visual artist with a long-term residency in performance, seeking to create environments for audiences to experience something they wouldn't find anywhere else."

Contemporary Renaissance man and "idea factory" Jorge Cousineau (b. 1970) counts set design, lighting design, videography, and music composition among his many talents. "I can't easily define myself with a title or place my work within a field," Cousineau admits. He is known in Philadelphia and beyond as a multidimensional theatrical collaborator who can seamlessly integrate new technologies such as video projection into live performance. Originally trained as a painter in his native Germany, Cousineau has lived and worked in Philadelphia for over a decade and now primarily works in theater, where the borders between multiple artistic disciplines are constantly being blurred. In addition to working with ensembles such as Arden Theatre Company and New Paradise Laboratories, he has maintained a multidisciplinary performance company called Subcircle since 1998 with choreographer Niki Cousineau. Cousineau's video and lighting design for the Arden's 2012 production of Next to Normal was deemed "stellar" by the Philadelphia City Paper. In a related interview for Geekadelphia, he says, "I approach the design always as a whole, the video always being integrated into the architecture of the set."