TAKES Discovery Grant

Nichole Canuso Dance Company



Nichole Canuso performs TAKES at the 3LD Art & Technology Center. Photo by Andrea Mohin, courtesy of the New York Times.

Nichole Canuso and her collaborators created an interactive environment that collected and reincorporated the lost gestures, ideas, and outtakes of a rehearsal process, exploring a combination of installation, cinema, and choreography in the dance TAKES. The theme of the project was the cinematic notion of a "take"—that is, multiple iterations of the same scene. As Canuso said, "With TAKES we'll embrace the forking paths of a given moment, offering the live unfolding and refolding of human exchange and a series of perspectives from which to view it." The completed work received its premiere as part of the 2010 FringeArts Festival with the support of a 2010 Project Grant.