Restoration of Historic Pedestrian Entrance

Friends of Laurel Hill Cemetery



Mother and Twins monument by Henry Dmochowski Saunders, 1857. In Laurel Hill Cemetery's south section, overlooking Philadelphia's Schuylkill River.

One of the few cemeteries to be designated as a National Historic Landmark and one of the country's first rural cemeteries, Laurel Hill Cemetery will rebuild the historic pedestrian entrance that once existed along its river façade but was removed more than a century ago. The restored entrance will make the grounds newly accessible to the 3,000 joggers, dog walkers, and cyclists who pass by each day, as well as the thousands of people who flock to Philadelphia annually for sporting events along Kelly Drive. Laurel Hill has been a tourist attraction and recreational site since its founding, with grounds that boast notable architecture and a landscaped arboretum. New audiences will have access to available on-site learning resources, such as Laurel Hill's free cell phone tour, and future recreational offerings will likely include nature hikes, group fitness outings, and scavenger hunts.