Premiere Recording Grant

Ars Nova Workshop


The experimental music presenter Ars Nova Workshop received Center support to produce five recordings on the record label High Two. The recordings featured Spanish Fly (Steven Bernstein, slide trumpet/valve trumpet; Marcus Rojas, tuba; Dave Tronzo, electric guitar) performing music by Bernstein; Min Xiao-Fen Asian Trio (Min Xiao-Fen, pipa; Okkyung Lee, cello; Satoshi Takeishi, percussion) performing "Return of the Dragon Suite" by Xiao-Fen; Pew Fellow and jazz musician Marshall Allen with drummer Louis Moholo performing their original music; alto saxophonist John Tchicai, guitarist Mary Halvorson, and drummer Ches Smith performing their own compositions; and the Scorch Trio (R. Björkenheim, electric guitar; I. Håker Flaten, double bass; P. Nilssen-Love, drums) performing their own music.