nkwiluntàmën: I long for it; I am lonesome for it (such as the sound of a drum)

Pennsbury Society



Nathan Young, Do You Remember When?. Photo courtesy of Pennsbury Manor.


Nathan Young, Peyote Box. Photo courtesy of Pennsbury Manor.


Pennsbury Manor. Photo courtesy of Pennsbury Manor (PHMC).

Multidisciplinary artist Nathan Young will create a site-specific, sound-based installation in the landscape surrounding Pennsbury Manor, a reconstruction of the home of Pennsylvania founder William Penn. Young is a member of the Delaware Tribe of Indians and sits on the Delaware Tribal Council. Inspired by a Delaware saying, “Our songs come from the wind,” Young’s work will foster a deeper understanding of the tribe’s heritage and ancestral homeland Lenapehoking (known now as the Mid-Atlantic US) through sounds of wind, water, and wildlife. Installed along a path through Pennsbury’s grounds, this work will connect listeners to the environment while reexamining histories of colonialism. Environmental sounds will encourage active listening and consideration of how people have changed the land through their movements and relationships to the environment and to one another. Curated by Ryan Strand Greenberg and Dianne Loftis, the project will examine and reflect on the indigenous stories that remain within the landscape today.

The total grant amount represents project funding plus an additional 20% in unrestricted general operating support.