NeXtPN Research Initiative

WXPN, University of Pennsylvania


WXPN, the public radio service of the University of Pennsylvania, will launch a new research initiative, NeXtPN, which will focus on better understanding the music-listening preferences of the "Millennial" generation, ages 25–34. This three-phase study will include exit polling at this summer's XPoNential Music Festival, and online surveys that target Millennial radio listeners and WXPN members from the same age cohort. The results of this research will be incorporated into future programming and will impact WXPN's business model, resulting in changes to its membership packages, event ticketing, and content delivery for mobile devices and the web. In addition, WXPN will likely implement changes to flagship programs such as World Café, shaking up its longtime format with more emerging artist coverage and more diverse musical offerings. 1

  • 1. Management grants, through the Philadelphia Cultural Management Initiative, were awarded from 2009 through 2013.