Thaddeus Phillips


Independent artist Thaddeus Phillips created, developed, and performed Microworld(s), a two-part world premiere solo work about a Serbian immigrant. In part one of this piece, the famed Nakagin Capsule Tower is about to be imploded. Resident of Capsule #33, Milo Dukanovic, and his rubber ducky, Fumio, refuse to leave. Set inside a replica of a Japanese capsule living pod, the play depicts their last day in the Tower, where Dukanovic ponders the innovations of Nikola Tesla, micro-architecture, recycled classical texts, and the possibilities of the future. In part two, Dukanovic travels across the Pacific to Brazil, where he dreams of starting a shadow-puppet theater on the back of a bicycle. The audience provided energy to run the lights for the show by riding a stationary bike that charged a battery in the lobby.

Microworlds(s), retitled Capsule 33, was subsequently performed at TheatreWorks in Colorado Springs and at the Barrow Street Theatre in New York City, where power for the sound came from smashed iPhones. The Denver Post described the piece as "smart theater for a new generation of theatergoers, a model of efficiency and theatrical ingenuity."