Madi Distefano


Independent artist Madi Distefano used Center funds to research and workshop Meanwhile..., a two-person, quick-change comedy inspired by vintage crime noir. Having performed and directed several quick-change comedies, Distefano wanted to determine how stock figures from mid-century pulp fiction might function within the quick-change comedic genre. A story emerged from her research, featuring a prohibition-era Atlantic City night club owner, a cabaret singer with a mysterious past, a detective, and others. Distefano held a workshop of the piece, directed by Matt Pfeiffer, in the summer of 2010. Lee Ann Etzold directed the full production at the Ruba Ballroom in 2011. Two performers, Mary McCool and Sarah Doherty, played 12 characters. This work was Distefano's first attempt to write a play that wasn't based on her own life experiences and colored by her contemporary vernacular.