Journeys South

Mural Arts Philadelphia



A portion of the Journeys South installation. Photo by Steve Weinik.

Mural Arts produced Journeys South, exploring South Philadelphia's immigrant history through interactive public art projects that included photography, installations, poetry, and dance. Mural Arts hosted four artist residencies, during which the artists (fine art photographer RA Freidman; choreographer Amanda Miller and video artist Tobin Rothlein; painter and printmaker Michelle Ortiz and documentary photographer Tony Rocco; and poet and 2013 Pew Fellow Frank Sherlock and print artist Erik Ruin) worked with historians and members of the community to develop their projects, based on immigrant stories and histories of the South Philadelphia neighborhood. The resulting temporary artworks were installed in public spaces throughout the neighborhood, on view during the spring of 2011, and Mural Arts provided free walking tours to the public on Saturdays. Mural Arts partnered with the Historical Society of Pennsylvania to document the research and artworks on