Free to Love: The Cinema of the Sexual Revolution

Lightbox Film Center at International House Philadelphia



A still from Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, directed by Paul Mazursky, 1969, 35mm, 105 min.

The first film series on this scale dedicated to the sexual revolution, Free to Love will present more than 40 commercial and underground films—along with lectures and discussions—over a period of a month in early 2014. Curated by Jesse Pires, the series will revisit pioneering films by Valie Export, Barbara Hammer, Jack Smith, Andy Warhol, and many others who brought sex and sexuality to the foreground of public consciousness in the West, during an era associated with the expansion of gender equality and the assertion of personal power through sexual expression and liberation. Programs to accompany the film exhibition include an intergenerational panel discussion featuring pioneering filmmakers Hammer and MM Serra, with younger artists A.L. Steiner and A.K. Burns, as well as a talk by noted film critic J. Hoberman. A scholarly catalog will accompany the curated program, with essays by film historians, a DVD of short films shown during the series, and a transcript of the panel discussion.