The Flight Attendants

jumatatu m. poe



Jumatatu Poe's The Flight Attendants. Photo by Tayarisha Poe.

Poe developed The Flight Attendants, a satirical commentary on the service industry, during the summer of 2011 in workshops with members of his company, idiosynCrazy productions. These workshops were led by visiting dance artists Jasmin Vardimon and Donte Beacham. Vardimon, a U.K.-based dance-theater artist, infuses her choreography with great speed and physicality; Beacham practices a relatively underground dance form called J-Sette: a precise style normally performed in gay African-American club scenes. Both artists "work in movement modes that are exhaustive," Poe said. "I want to learn how they train their bodies to conquer exhaustion and speed." The summer workshop was archived extensively, both for the benefit of the dance community and for all interested visitors on the idiosynCrazy website and Facebook page. Poe received a follow-up grant in 2012 to produce Private Places at the 2012 FringeArts Festival, the culmination of his research and his work with Beacham.