The Farewell

Janet Pilla


Philadelphia dance artist Janet Pilla reconstructed, documented, and performed The Farewell, a solo choreographed by Pauline Koner in 1963. Koner (1912–2001) was a principal dancer with the José Limón Dance Company, a leading modern-dance troupe of the 1940s and '50s who honored the memory of modern dance pioneer Doris Humphrey's with The Farewell, a 30-minute solo that became her best-known choreography. Working closely with preeminent Koner expert, Evelyn Sheperd, Pilla, has previously danced in reconstruction, restaging, or performances of Symphony for Strings, Mazurkas, and Primavera by Jose Limon, and Day on Earth by Doris Humphrey. Pilla has also studied with Ernestine Stodelle on two early Doris Humphrey solos, Quasi Waltz and The Call/Breath of Fire, and currently holds in her solo repertory.