Marianela Boan


As a member of the Cuban National Contemporary Dance Company, founder/director of DanzAbierta, Cuba, and director of BoanDanz Action, Marianela Boan has been recognized as one of the leading choreographers of contemporary Cuban dance. This project began with the working title Office and the new dance evolved to become Decadere (loosely translated as "falling into decline"). In this dance, Boan moved through a variety of appropriated source material, mixing salsa, disco, and classical music with movement derived from pedestrian actions. These materials became further fused with the theatrical use of masks, real-time video processed sound, and speech. A large screen echoed the dancers' intimate, violent, sorrowful movements through live video capture. This performance project followed Boan's "contaminated dance" style, which merges different forms of art with dance performance. Decadere was presented during the 2010 FringeArts Festival.