The Case of Chen Shimei, The Wild Boar Forest, and The Jade Bracelet

Philadelphia Chinese Opera Society



Kang Wangsheng. Photo by Wenge Wang.

The Philadelphia Chinese Opera Society (PCOS) presented three traditional Beijing operas, two dramas and a love story: The Case of Chen Shimei (a Philadelphia premiere), The Wild Boar Forest, and The Jade Bracelet. The performances featured three leading performing artists from China: Kang Wansheng in painted face roles; Qin Xueling in young female roles, and Li Yangming in the older male, civil, and martial roles. PCOS Artistic Director Shuyuan Li, a fourth-generation Beijing opera artist trained from childhood in singing, acting, dance, and martial arts performance, directed the project. Zhenguo Liu, PCOS' music director, led the accompanying ensemble on the jinghu, a stringed instrument specific to Beijing opera performance. The artists conducted master classes and educational programs at the University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, FACTS Charter School, and the Mid-Autumn Festival in Chinatown.