Branch Dance Series

Merián Soto


Merián Soto began her Branch Dance Series in 2005. "This work takes an enormous amount of discipline," Soto says. "The performance task is simple—asking the performer and the audience to connect energetically and to be present while approaching stillness. There is an expansion of one's sense of touch and the act of touching that holding the branch provides. Slowing down can be difficult particularly as one shifts weight, or moves from the ground to standing or when balancing these branches. Yet it's thrilling to achieve things that one never thought one could. A balancing happens in the body and the psyche. We always feel better after dancing in this way. A transformation happens." Postcards from the Woods, the culmination of this iteration of the series, premiered as part of the 2009 FringeArts Festival. The work involved video projections by Soto, and was presented as an immersive experience for the audience.