The AI Project

Karen Getz



Dito Van Reigersberg in The AI Project. Photo by Karl Seifert.

Choreographer, improviser, and theater-maker Karen Getz developed and produced the world premiere of The A.I. Project, a text-free comic-actors' ballet that explored what it means to be human through the behaviors of artificially intelligent robots. Set in a warehouse of rejected robots and robot parts, the story follows one human and his four emotionally intelligent machines. Actors with a gift for physical comedy joined professional dancers to perform the piece. "I assumed, being a dancer," Getz wrote afterward, "that I would have a useful vocabulary to communicate with dancers, but it became obvious, early on, that I needed to develop a whole new muscle, one that was useful in communicating with an ensemble of mixed discipline artists." Getz created a movement vocabulary based on her study of cutting-edge A.I. robots and visits to Hanson Robotics in Dallas and the Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute in Pittsburgh. The piece was presented with the assistance of Bristol Riverside Theatre.

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