Advancement Grant: Philadelphia Zoo

Philadelphia Zoo



The Zoo’s mongoose lemurs, Clara and Toby, explore a Zoo360 trail. Courtesy of the Philadelphia Zoo.


Zoo-goers interacting with the Big Cat Crossing Trail at the Philadelphia Zoo. Courtesy of the Philadelphia Zoo.


Photo courtesy of the Philadelphia Zoo.


Big Cat Crossing. Photo courtesy of the Philadelphia Zoo.

The Philadelphia Zoo will expand its innovative and field-leading trails system, building additional interconnected passageways for large primates and other mammals, allowing them to travel outside their habitats and interact more freely with each other. At the conclusion of this expansion phase, the animals will have 3,000 feet of space to roam, equal to about ten footfall fields. Zoo employees will conduct a behavioral study with the animals, to determine the impact of the expanded trails on their well-being. In addition, a pilot mobile app will allow zoo patrons to track the animals' movements in real time, adding a rich, new dimension to the visitor experience. 1

  • 1. Advancement grants were awarded from 2014 through 2017.