Acquisition of Choreography by Dianne McIntyre

Eleone Dance Theatre


Eleone Dance Theatre conducted research, development, video documentation, and company training in order to acquire a work by choreographer Dianne McIntyre, a 2007 Guggenheim Fellow in choreography. McIntyre has forged an important career across the last four decades by bringing an individual voice to what is sometimes generally referred to as the "Black dance tradition" in modern dance. She is known for her use of jazz music and improvisation, as well as her stunning skill as a solo dance performer. The ensuing work, titled Up the Road A-Piece, with music recordings by the Carolina Chocolate Drops and costumes by David Burdick, weaves tales of joy, heartache, and neighborly bonds throughout seven vignettes. This work was incorporated into the company's repertory during its 2011–12 touring season.