Pew Fellows Chat: Emily Bate, Tom Quinn, and Eva Wǒ on Artistic Practice


Pew Fellows Emily Bate, Tom Quinn, and Eva Wǒ. Photos by Ryan Collerd.

The act of creation takes on infinite forms. In our ongoing artist interview series, we illuminate the distinctive artistic practices, influences, and creative challenges of our Pew Fellows, who represent a diversity of perspectives and creative disciplines.

We invited three artists—composer and vocalist Emily Bate (2021 Fellow), filmmaker Tom Quinn (2020), and visual artist Eva Wǒ (2021)—to discuss the initial sparks that light the way for new projects, what motivates their practices, and how making space within their work for the voices of community members can “invigorate the process."



A vivid digital artwork by Eva Wǒ depicting a fantastical tropical scene. At center sits a large-bodied figure with four arms, light brown skin and long dark hair wearing in a bright yellow dress with blue leggings. Purple flowers sprout from their head.

Pew Fellow Eva Wǒ, Donut Diety in A Strange Paradise, 2018, digital collage and mixed media light box. Featured: Sonalee Rashatwar with costuming by Wit López.

Bate Quinn Wo Q&A Block 1

Clone of Bate Quinn Wo Q&A Block 2

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