Mauro Zamora

30 Nov 2016

Mauro Zamora

Mauro Zamora, 2008 Pew Fellow. Directed by Glenn Holsten.

"I'm interested in the landscape for political reasons, environmental reasons...things that have to do with us and our society right now. And it's not a grand idea of landscape in any sense of the world. It's actually pretty small."

Mauro Zamora (b. 1974) is compelled to make paintings of landscapes although he is not always interested in the landscape itself. Zamora's images derive from nature, architecture, and print media. He states that his work is rooted in the effects of "care/neglect, entropy/growth, and construction/destruction," believing that architecture cannot exist without nature and nature cannot exist without architecture. He is most interested in understanding how we are all tied to the land and how its use ebbs and flows throughout our lives.

Zamora's solo exhibits include Solo Series at the Abington Art Center, Jenkintown, PA; Border Crossing at Seraphin Gallery, Philadelphia; Converge at Vox Populi, Philadelphia; and Fleisher Challenge, at the Samuel S. Fleisher Art Memorial, Philadelphia. His work has also been included in group exhibitions at the Tower Gallery, Philadelphia; the Woodmere Art Museum, Philadelphia; and Jenkins Johnson Gallery, New York, NY, to name a few.