Julie York

30 Nov 2016

Julie York

Julie York, 2007 Pew Fellow. Directed by Glenn Holsten.

"The hardest thing I have within my own process is balancing the visual with the ideas."

Julie York (b. 1972) works in porcelain, glass, and plastic. Through her work, she seeks to make sense of a puzzle in her mind, selecting the appropriate pieces and logically laying them out. Her work is driven by the industrial process; she has toured manufacturing centers in China—documenting first hand the mass production of ceramic objects. That experience has fueled her creative process and reinforced her belief in research through doing, and growth through travel and experience. She hopes to continue this practice through residencies at the Kohler Art and Industry Program in Sheboygan, WI, and at the European Ceramic Center in Holland.

York has received many honors, including grants from the Independence Foundation and Canada Council for the Arts, a Leeway Window of Opportunity Award, and an Evelyn Shapiro Foundation fellowship. York's solo shows include Swell at Fleisher Challenge and objectsymbolanguage at the Clay Studio, both in Philadelphia. She was a featured artist at "SOFA Chicago." Her work can be found in the collections of the Schein-Joseph International Museum of Ceramic Art in Alfred, NY, the Clay Studio, and the Burchfield Penny Art Center in Buffalo, NY.