Brian Phillips

30 Nov 2016


Brian Phillips, 2011 Pew Fellow. Photo by Colin Lenton.


Brian Phillips, 100K House (interior), 2009. Photo courtesy of the artist.


Brian Phillips, 100K House (exterior cladding detail), 2009. Photo courtesy of the artist.


Brian Phillips and ISA, El Chalet, Philadelphia, PA, Photo by Sam Oberter.

Brian Phillips is founding principal of Interface Studio Architects (ISA), an award-winning firm specializing in multi-family residential and urban projects that employ green strategies. ISA has been identified by The Philadelphia Inquirer as one of several "rising design firms that see architecture as a weapon in the battle to stave off environmental ruin." Phillips earned a BS in environmental design from the University of Oklahoma in 1994 and an MA in architecture from the University of Pennsylvania in 1996. His 100K Houses project, which involves finding high-performance and innovative strategies for designing and building sustainable homes for $100,000 each, won a 2011 National Housing Award from the American Institute of Architects. He also received a Pew Fellowship in the Arts that same year. "In light of recent environmental and economic crises, there is a real urgency for designers to take on the profound challenges of the present," says Phillips. "I believe that creativity and innovation are amplified by limitations. I believe in the necessity for architecture to be broad and inclusive, while retaining a sense of precision and a deep understanding of local context." In 2016, Phillips received a Center Project grant for Rowhouse Workshop, an exploration of the physical and social histories embedded in Philadelphia's long history of row house development.